NextStage will meet with you and your sales leadership team to define the best Inside Sales strategy that will grow your pipeline and increase your revenues. Inside Sales organization have many options, What is the best strategy for you? Inbound, outbound, outsource, in-house, hybrid, ISR, SDRs.  


  Getting it right the first time is key to the success of your Inside Sales organization, you are counting on your team to help you grow your top line revenue, increase your market share and deliver results. Your hiring strategy is essential to the long-term success, NextStage can help you with the job descriptions, candidate profile, hiring process, and review your compensation plan.


  You are ready to go-to-market or you might have a team that is already in place. How can you optimize it? NextStage can help with the development of battle cards and playbooks with the correct call sequencing that will help you increase your pipeline. NextStage will work with you and your team to learn how to overcome objections, closing for next steps, crafting successful emails and leverage the social channels to find new prospects and grow your pipeline.


  You have a good team in place, the foundation has been set. NextStage will work with you on strategies and techniques to grow your pipeline. Setting the appropriate Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s and metrics for pipeline development, establish campaign programs, determine whether you need to insource or outsource your pipeline development program and develop sales plays to successfully reach your customers.


  Developing a successful and healthy relationship with your marketing team is paramount to your success. NexStage can assess the partnership between sales and marketing and work with both teams to establish a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between sales and marketing. NextStage will review your lead generation programs, lead scoring, lead flow process and the KPI’s for sales and marketing to create a predictable pipeline stream and ultimately will turn into revenue. 

  In today’s sales environment it’s imperative to work with your sales operations team and be aligned with them to achieve your goals. NextStage will help you establish a game plan with your operations team to leverage sales data, market data, sales planning and other resources such as tools and automation to drive revenue in addition to quotas and compensation structure. NextStage will assess your forecasting process linked to your sales process and your MOR. 


  This is where your Inside Sales strategy needs to be aligned with marketing, product, operations, and people. Your engagement model brings the market insights together with your company strategy. NextStage will work with you in reviewing your plans, how you will engage with the client and the marketplace, help you determine the right organizational model to go-to-market, assist with execution and align the organization to support your inside sales team to win.   

  The cherry on top is your people, each team member from your leadership to your direct contributors need to be in alignment with the strategy, the execution and the rest of the supporting organization. NextStage, will review, advice and help you implement your people plan for success. This will increase retention, motivation, and will recognize those team members that are making a difference. NextStage will also work with your organization and team members on those programs, including time management and recognition. The long-term plan is to achieve consistency throughout the team to achieve results.